Vijay Orovia Thane


Generous fields that let you run like there was no end. Open skies where you can see the sun rise and set. The hefty mountains that look after you and the greens in whose shadows you may spend some lazy afternoons.
Prosper yourself in this wealth of nature that flourishes for your well being and contentment. Let the blowing wind put you to a restful sleep and the sound of the flowing water tranquilize the rush in your mind. Prosperity has a life to give, open your hearts.
Often we get lost in the choices we are offered. When all we want is something beyond the ordinary riches of wealth and luxury. And the world you want is now, quietly looking at you.
It’s very occasional that life showers us with plenty of opportunities that we want. It’s time you give life this one opportunity, one moment it needs, to believe in the fortunes of tomorrow and to live in the land of prosperity that you’ve earned.


The golden sun rises above the horizon and its glistening colour adds an essence of life to mankind. It peeks through the skyline, amidst the clouds, entering our homes, our beings, our lives.
This golden light conserves our circadian rhythm, letting us live with all the good health and a prosperous state of mind. The warmth of this light eases the cold and the gleam guides you through every course. There is poetry in the vibrant setting sun. Words that compose love and sing songs of contentment from life.
Space and light form the crux of home design. A design that understands the value of nature and its offering. With plenty of sunlight to keep you warm, Orovia lets you experience home in the warmth of nature.


It’s a canvas that unfolds the magical visual splendors of the heavens. Sheltering the blazing sun, shining stars and the quiet moon, the blue sky exhibits wonders of this universe. The innumerous patterns of the clouds keep the astonishment to the eyes alive, while the descending rain still mesmerizes us all.

Just as close, flows, the blue of water. Water that gushes with energy, rejuvenates life in itself. The movement revitalizes mood and breathes vitality in our being. This water when still, tranquilizes the racing mind, pacifies life to unwind. Such is this nature that lends peace to each, that surrenders to it.

Open your windows to the limitless skies and a sight that lets you witness the flowing river. A design made feasible, so that you appreciate and dwell amidst the shimmering blue of nature.


The trees stand still; holding their ground firmly, however growing and going through a shift in time, quietly enlightening the fundamentals of progress. The native flora is obliged to the perpetually changing seasons of life, reveling in the beautiful hues of red, orange, yellow and green.

We have evolved with a strong connect with nature. When the hustle bustle of mind begins, the greens pause everything to a quiet. There’s much that goes in a mind that seeks acknowledgement. And the slow natural movement of the trees, from within its place, affirm something to you. Life is a concert where change is inevitable and growth is essential.

The trees, the lawns, the parks, the terraces and all the greens of Orovia, are all elements of the same concert of life. A design that constantly convinces you with the story of change and growth. An experience that will become a part of a lifetime and a performance that will only indulge you like a concert.


A space becomes aesthetic when it gets distinct touches. Art may be seen crafted by sculpting out rocks or washing canvases in colour. The strokes of a brush may pronounce an elegant finesse, however there is more to art than that.

Like how prosperity isn’t about countable wealth alone, art too is immeasurable. Art is a human culture. Nourished in time that engenders our own emotions, ingeniously contributing something to life. It is that design of life that when put together with others, makes one grand design.

Orovia is the quintessence of art. Simply put, its progressive evolution is art in itself. Be a part of the creation of thoughtful architecture. A part of the artistic idea that stands a testament to be seeded in gardening, where an honest emotion led in reshaping empty spaces into becoming blissful living worlds.


An ideal setting for Orovia placed right amongst the best things around. Count 33 lakes around the district and 52% area covered in the greens. With such a placement, Orovia easily becomes a benchmark for high standards of living. It has proximity of being so close to the city and yet living in the neighbourhood of calmness. The Ghodbunder road is feasibly connected to the Eastern Express Highway, Western Express Highway and also the Thane Belapur road.
Find Green Reserve in the North. Find Ulhas River in the East
Find Yeoor Hills in the West. Find Lake in the South


The land of prosperity has much to offer and to begin with a Smart/ Spacio 1 BHK, Luxury 2 BHK and Smart 3 BHK. Orovia is nicely classified for your needs of space that extends comfort in every capacity. The artful residencies are brought together in 10 towers of 27 floors each.


Prosperity is a state of being, when everything you associate yourself with brings comfort to your lifestyle. Amenities are sorted and installed for the convenience of every activity involved in life in this land of prosperity. Orovia is abundant of what meets the heart.

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Project Amenities

1. Phase – 1 of 19.0 acres
2. Beautiful landscape with integrated recreation facilities
3. High street shopping
4. 10′-0″ floor to floor height
5. Senior citizen area | Yoga & meditation area | Kids zone, day care center
6. Fitness center
7. Indoor games (Carrom, Fuss-Ball, Table tennis, Pool table, etc.)
8. Library / Reading room
9. Green building feature – IGBC pre-certified Gold
10. Art development center/ interactive space
11. Community hall

Service Amenities

1. Multilevel car parking
2. High speed 3 lifts per tower
3. Rain water harvesting system
4. Sewage treatment plant
5. Drivers / Maids toilet
6. Drivers waiting area
7. Car wash & Car SPA
8. Laundry space provision
9. Building management system
10. Fire alarm & fire fighting system
11. DG back up for lifts & essential common facilities
12. Community area with Energy saving fixtures with motion sensors for common areas
13. Solar hot water system for common toilet

Landscape Amenities

1. Project is accessible from 30 & 40 mtr D.P. Roads on both sides
2. Conveniently accessible from Ghodbunder road
3. Uninterrupted panoramic view of Ulhas river on one side & view of Kavesar lake & garden on the other side
4. Renowned schools, colleges & hospital within 0.5 km distance
5. Building placement is done in a way which explores the maximum potential of surrounding view
6. Architectural planning is encouraging vehicle free plaza at recreation level
7. The generous fields that will let you run and the open skies that will exhibit the rising and setting sun. Hey are just a decision away from you. The hefty mountains or the greens, in whose shadows life will blossom, are asking you to listen.
8. There s so much that life has to offer. And all it does is asks us to be there, at the tight place and the right time. Be a part of Orovia. Where life, really falls short of imagination.

Citizen Amenities

1. Senior citizen area with bench setting
2. Swings with canopy
3. Open area for laughter club & gathering space

Indoor & Outdoor Facilities

1. Cricket pitch
2. Half basketball court & multipurpose court
3. Multisport court for Tennis, Football, Volleyball, etc.
4. Skating ring
5. Badminton court
6. Amphitheater
7. Toddler soft play area, Sand pit & tree house / kids play area
8. Jungle walk
9. Cycling track
10. Drinking water fountain
11. Jogging track
12. Squash court

Clubhouse Amenities

1. Covered swimming pool with kids pool & Jacuzzi
2. Indoor games room (games arcade)
3. Mini theater
4. Multipurpose hall with green rooms
5. Business center
6. Aerobics / Yoga
7. Fully equipped air conditioned gymnasium
8. Spacious SPA facility

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